Opaque gray cast acrylic sheet/plexiglass/plexiglass sheet

Customer first, aiming at creating value for customers.Cast Acrylic(PMMA) sheets Dimentions:Mold SizeModel    Size(MM)Model  Size(MM) D 1550*3050 T 1250*2450 M 2050*3050 L 1270*2490 H 1250*1850 E 1650*2650 Q 1260*1870 Z 

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Opaque Grey Color Cast Acrylic Sheet /Perspex/Plexiglass Sheet
Opaque Grey Color Cast Acrylic Sheet /Perspex/Plexiglass Sheet

Customer first, aiming at creating value for customers.
Cast Acrylic(PMMA) sheets Dimentions:

Mold Size



Model  Size(MM)
 D 1550*3050 T 1250*2450
 M 2050*3050 L 1270*2490
 H 1250*1850 E 1650*2650
 Q 1260*1870 Z 1560*2560
 N 1220*2440 Y 1820*2480
 Bigger Q 1330*1940 Bigger L 1330*2550
 One-sided Matte2050*3050 
 Double-sided Matte 1250*2450
    Precut Size
Model Size(MM) Model  Size(MM)
  Rubber Edge-Cut L 1220*2440 Rubber Edge-Cut Q 1220*1830
 Rubber Edge-Cut M 2000*3000  

Thickness:1.8mm -30mm


1.8mm                                 2.0mm- 3/32''
3.0mm- 1/8''                        4.5mm- 3/16''
6.0mm- 1/4''                        9.0mm- 3/8''
12.0mm- 1/2''                      18.0mm- 3/4''
25.40mm- 1''                        30mm
Flexible thicknesses

Note:  we can do color matching according to customers' requirement 

Opaque Grey Color Cast Acrylic Sheet /Perspex/Plexiglass Sheet

Various Specification and thickness for customers
Acrylic sheet can be produced upon requested.
A variety of colours for your selection, more than 50 colors of color acrylic sheets for you.
Top-rated materials, as we consist to " Not ask for the first place, but for the best"

Features of acrylic sheet:
Weather resistance
Excellentrate of light penetration
Light weight
High resisitance against cracking
Chemical resistance.
Stable color under outdoor exposure
Opaque Grey Color Cast Acrylic Sheet /Perspex/Plexiglass Sheet

Application of acrylic sheet:
Daily necessities: Sanitary ware, furniture, lighting, stationery, craft, basket board and so on
Advertisement boards: Signboard, lighting box, dicators and so on.
Architecture material: Skylight, sound barrier, telephone kiosk and so on.
Other functions: Taillight and windscreens of all kinds of transportations vehicles, and so on.
Opaque Grey Color Cast Acrylic Sheet /Perspex/Plexiglass Sheet
1820*24801.2316.25FOB NINGBOCLEAR60% VIRGIN  MMA2442.70 
1820*24801.2316.25FOB NINGBOWHITE60% VIRGIN  MMA2445.07 
1820*24801.2316.25FOB NINGBOCLEAR100% VIRGIN  MMA2454.56 
1820*24801.2316.25FOB NINGBOWHITE100% VIRGIN  MMA2456.93 
Opaque Grey Color Cast Acrylic Sheet /Perspex/Plexiglass Sheet
Establishment:2007.04 .04
Production lines:6  lines for Cast  Acrylic Sheet
Annual Capacity:28,000 Ton
Capital:RMB 5,580,000
Factory Area:25,000 M2


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