Milky white liquid acrylic polymer emulsion

                                                  BT-9A  Acrylic Polymer EmulisonSummary:The product is developed with advanced technology and raw materials from abroad. It has high glass tr

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                                                  BT-9A  Acrylic Polymer Emulison
The product is developed with advanced technology and raw materials from abroad. It has high glass transition temperature and low film forming temperature. It has excellent weatherability, adhesion, anti-stickiness, anti-contamination, hydrophobicity and water resistance. It is a product without APEO and is the first choice emulsion for waterborne wood varnish and waterborne wood colored paint. It is widely used in furniture, interior decoration, toys, etc., which require strict environmental indicators.

1. Weather resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, alkali resistance, adhesion and fresh reflectivity are excellent.
2. tertiary-propylene waterborne wood varnish completely solves the problem of yellowing paint film.
3. In the process of construction and use, it does not release any toxic and harmful gases. It is a non-toxic and harmless environmental protection product with fragrant odor.
4. Good anti-sticking and anti-pollution.

Technical Indicators of Products:
Appearance: Milky white liquid
Viscosity: 200-2000 mPa.s
PH value: 7.0-9.0
Solid content: 48 + 1%
Minimum Film Forming Temperature: 30 +1 Temperature
Glass transition temperature (Tg):71 C

Packaging and storage:
1. The product is packaged in 200L plastic barrel or 50L plastic barrel, with net weight of 200kg or 50kg per barrel.
2. The allowable error of net weight of the product is (+0.5kg).
3. The product should be stored at ambient temperature of 5-35 C for 12 months. This product avoids direct sunshine and storage below freezing point or under high temperature.Milky White Liquid Acrylic Polymer Emulsion


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